Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar

Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar

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* 2016 6th Place in its category at the World Championship Cheese Contest *

Aging in our cheese caves under our on-farm cheese shop right now are our delicious Lucky Linda wheels. They will age for a minimum of 6 months, resulting in a cheddar cheese that is smooth, savory, and unlike anything you’ve ever had. What makes our cheese so unique and tasty? Each 10-lb wheel is hand-wrapped in muslin cloth after it is pressed, ensuring uniformity in taste, texture, and consistency.  As it ages, we allow the natural molds found in the air to grow on the surface of our cheese wheels, creating a unique look and flavor only found on our farm.

Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar takes its name from Alise’s mom, Linda, and the stroke of ‘luck’ that it took for Redhead Creamery to get up and running. Additionally, a small town just north of Redhead Creamery--Padua, MN--is an ultimate destination for one of Linda's favorite holidays, St. Patrick's Day. We believe luck is simply in the air!

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Veal Rennet  (What is Veal Rennet? Find out here >)
Age: 6+ months

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