Working with and caring about those around us.

We'd like to introduce you to some of our vendors, makers, partners and buddies.  
We're so fortunate to live and work in a collaborative community full of good flavor and friends!


Burr Vineyards:
Great Uncle Dr. Florian Ledermann

Brandon, MN

“What started as a hobby of creating wine from juices of California grapes, has evolved into a fascinating adventure of discovery. Growing Minnesota grapes that reflect the terroir of our State is so exciting because these wines are unique and interesting to palates of Midwesteners and travelers from everywhere. To be a part of the movement of our society to sourcing their food and drink locally has been so fulfilling and rewarding. My passion to produce these wines is undiminished!”

Uncle Florian’s wine is served at our cheese shop and a few limited locations. Be sure to check for tickets for our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Cheese & Wine Tasting, which happens every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.



Falls Baking Company

Fergus Falls, MN

Scot and his wife, Traci Kromenaker, opened Falls Baking Company in August 2005 with a goal of selling around 70 loaves of bread a day. Thanks to their great customers from Fergus Falls and the surrounding areas they are selling between 250 and 500 loaves a day! The bread at Falls Baking Company is made in the old world tradition.  All of their breads are made from scratch with artisan bread flour.  The dough is made with a pre-fermented starter to enhance the flavor of the bread, carefully handcrafted and baked in a stone hearth oven. You can find freshly made baguettes and french breads at our cheese shop or as a part of our cheese platters.


Schaefer’s Market
Chris Lawinger

Sauk Centre, MN

Chris was a lead foreman for Long Prairie Packing (Minnesota) prior to purchasing the store, and so he knew the industry (including the USDA regulations side) very well.  He felt confident that with his skill set, along with his personality and love of the Sauk Centre Community he would do well owning the local meat market.  Schaefer’s Market works with most of the small businesses in town (Sauk Centre), in one capacity or another.  Local bars and restaurants purchase their meats for their menus while other businesses purchase gift baskets, meat packs or even gift cards for their employees, vendors and customers. You will even find their meat products served as part of meals during business customer appreciation days.

Schaefer’s Market is also heavily involved in donations including gift cards, meat packs as auction items, and donate some of the meal served to save costs for fundraisers.  

The infamous steaks grilled by Lucky Linda herself for our private dinners come straight from Schaefer’s Market.


Milk & Honey Ciders

St. Joseph, MN

Producing high-quality cider apples, many of which are uncommon or heirloom varieties with unruly growing habits, inconsistent yields and marginal hardiness, is very difficult. It is, however, where Milk & Honey believes good cider starts and ends.

Milk & Honey Ciders strive to be great, working as hard as they can with the expectation of creating something for themselves, inevitably facing an uncertain future while hoping to realize a young and foolish dream. They’ve tried and failed, and tried with success. We love carrying Milk & Honey Ciders in our shop; come and try it for yourselves!


Reality Roasters

Little Falls, MN


Goat Ridge Brewing

New London, MN