Cheese... glorious cheese.

We feel that to make good cheese you must know good cheese. And good cheese is an art. Our techniques, our recipes, our environment, and our people are what make our cheeses delicious and unique.  Here at Redhead Creamery we take pride in knowing that each cheese is aged appropriately for the best possible flavor, texture and appearance. Scroll down farther and get to know each of our cheeses.


Ridiculously Good Cheese Curds

We take our cheddar cheese curds very seriously.  Our fresh milk flows directly from the milking parlor to our cheese room where we slowly and carefully pasteurize the milk before using a gentle-make process to ensure high-quality, full-flavor cheese curds. Each curd is hand-milled, giving our curds their signature shape and size.  We add just the right amount of salt and no coloring. Fresh out of the vat and delicious, it’s time you try them for yourself. 

Come pick some up at the Redhead Creamery on-farm cheese store (watch our Face­book page for make-day updates), in your local food coop­er­a­tive or cheese counter by ask­ing for them by name, or purchase them in our online Cheese Shop.

MILK: Pasteurized Cow
RENNET: Microbial Rennet
AGE: Fresh!

Storage / Eating:
Our Ridicu­lously Good Cheese Curds are best-served at room tem­per­a­ture, but should be kept cold in their vacuum-sealed bag until serving.

Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar

* 2019 4th Place in its category at the US Cheese Championship Contest*

* 2016 6th Place in its category at the World Championship Cheese Contest *

Aging in our cheese caves under our on-farm cheese shop right now are our delicious Lucky Linda wheels. They will age for a minimum of 6 months, resulting in a cheddar cheese that is smooth, savory, and unlike anything you’ve ever had. What makes our cheese so unique and tasty? Each 10-lb wheel is hand-wrapped in muslin cloth after it is pressed, ensuring uniformity in taste, texture, and consistency.  As it ages, we allow the natural molds found in the air to grow on the surface of our cheese wheels, creating a unique look and flavor only found on our farm.

Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar takes its name from Alise’s mom, Linda, and the stroke of ‘luck’ that it took for Redhead Creamery to get up and running. Additionally, a small town just north of Redhead Creamery--Padua, MN--is an ultimate destination for one of Linda's favorite holidays, St. Patrick's Day. We believe luck is simply in the air!

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Veal Rennet (What is Veal Rennet? Find out here >)
Age: 6+ months

Little Lucy Brie

This smooth and creamy little wheel of brie cheese is extra special to all of us at Redhead Creamery. It’s small, cute and simply irresistible… just like a sweet little girl we know. It’s named after Alise and Lucas’ daughter, Lucy. 

It’s the perfect sized appetizer for two or three people to enjoy on the grill, baked or simply at room temperature.  Enjoy with a glass (or two) of Chardonnay or Frontenac.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Microbial Rennet
Age: 4-14 weeks maximum

Storage / Eating:
This cheese continues to ripen (or gets creamier) as it ages. Depending on your taste, enjoy the Little Lucy brie while young for a more grassy, light mouth feel. If you like it a bit more stinky and creamy, let it ripen in your fridge a little longer (1–2 weeks). It will continue to ripen from the outside in and will be soft and gooey at room temperature.

North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster

* 2018 1st Place Artisan Cheese at the Minnesota State Fair *

* 2017 4th Place Artisan Cheese at the Minnesota State Fair *

This award-winning munster cheese was named after our township and the North Fork of the Crow river, based in Redhead Creamery's back field. Our North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster is a French-style munster that has been washed with local Minnesota 14 Whiskey made at nearby Panther Distillery (Osakis, MN). Its creaminess, stink and pungency are exactly what we are going for. And as a side note… North Fork makes a great grilled cheese and appetizer when warmed up. 

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Microbial Rennet
Age: 4-16 weeks

Storage / Eating:
Similar to the Little Lucy, North Fork will continue to ripen and get creamier as it ages. The middle will become gooey with time and the flavor will increase in depth and pungency. Best served at room temperature. 
Each wheel weights approximately 6oz and will serve 2-3 people. 

Red Temper (Honey Chipotle Cheddar)

Smooth and mild, this ched­dar will have you doubt­ing its heat before it hits. We sim­ply had to cre­ate some­thing that was red. I know, it’s ridiculous.

Great alone, Redhead Creamery’s Honey Chipotle Cheddar melts nice on chili and takes any burger from grilled to gourmet.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Microbial Rennet
Age: 3+ month(s)

Cave Aged Garlic Cheddar

Ever since we started attending the annual garlic festival in Hutchinson, MN we’ve been making our garlic cheddar, simply because it was such a big hit. Then we decided to cave age it, giving it more depth of flavor. This cheddar has just enough garlic flavor to ward off vampires without sabotaging your breath. Smooth and easily melted, our garlic cheddar is the perfect topping to garlic toast or added to your favorite pasta dish for a little extra flavor and kick. 

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Microbial Rennet
Age: 3+ months

St. Anthony

We have found a cheese that is—dare we say it—heavenly.  But not on purpose. On a Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar make day, we experienced a glitch in our process.  Forced to adjust accordingly, we then aged out what we feared would be a wasted batch of cheese.  Two months later, we dug into this mystery cheese and loved it.   The mystery cheese became known as St. Anthony, the saint of lost things, as well as the name of our childhood Church in Padua, MN.  Our St. Anthony cheese provides meaty undertones with hints of cured salami.  This young, washed rind cheese will leave you praying for more.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet: Veal Rennet
Age: 2+ months